Neurotology: from basic concepts to advanced practice.

The format will be three interactive panels, with the first speaker giving an overview of the topic, and the three panelists following with more advanced topics/cases. Each panel will be followed by a time for audience participation and questions. The three panels will take place one after the other, giving sufficient time to cover each part before proceeding to the next.


Vestibular physiology and testing. Peripheral vestibular disorders. Central vestibular disorders.

Overview: Herman Kingma, PhD.

 Overview: Jeff Sharon, MD. Overview: David S. Zee, MD.
  • Topic 1: Video head impulse testing, Gabriel Trinidad.
  • Topic 2: VEMP, Julia Dlugaiczyk.
  • Topic 3: Audiology: Juan García-Valdecasas.
  • Topic 1: Meniere’s disease, Courtney Voelker.
  • Topic 2: BPPV, Mans Magnusson.
  • Topic 3: Superior canal dehiscence syndrome, Bryan Ward.
  • Topic 1: Classification of nystagmus, Scott Eggers.
  • Topic 2: PPPD, Jeff Staab.
  • Topic 3: Pharmacology, Michael Strupp.



XXXI Bárány Society Meeting: this prestigious event will take place for the first time in Madrid, Spain, on May 9th-11th, 2022. The Congress will focus on major breakthroughs and advances in Vestibular Medicine. Some of these goals will be accomplished during the satellite meeting on Vestibular Science in the city of Granada (May 7th-8th, 2022), before the main meeting