Bárány Society Prizes and Awards

Barany Society Prizes and Awards

  • Hallpike-Nylén Prize. This honors clinical research achievement.
  • Hallpike-Nylén Medal. This is intended for basic research with a preference for the younger members.
  • Young Scientist Award. To prominent young scientists. Three different awards will be given.

Won-Sang Lee Fund Award

The Won-Sang Lee Award is established to honor the achievements of Late Dr. Won-Sang Lee who had served as 3rd president of Korean Balance Society and member of Barany Society. It will be given to young scientists who have made exceptional academic achievements out of researchers who conduct innovative, thorough, and insightful research that contributes to understanding the vestibular system. The winner will be selected after the evaluation of abstracts of applicants by award committee. Only oral communications will be considered for this award.

Eligibility. Applicants should be under 40 years old. Please, take a note of the following: Applicants should apply for the prize when he or she submits an abstract via abstract submission system. Three awards (1000USD each) will be given.

Lorente de No Award

The Organizing Committee has established a special award to best poster presentation.  A limited number of posters will be previously selected and tagged appropriately for the poster presentation session. Three posters will finally be selected. The Award Poster Session will take place on September 9th, 2020 and the best poster will receive the Lorente de No Award.

XXXI Bárány Society Meeting: this prestigious event will take place for the first time in Madrid, Spain, on May 9th-11th, 2022. The Congress will focus on major breakthroughs and advances in Vestibular Medicine. Some of these goals will be accomplished during the satellite meeting on Vestibular Science in the city of Granada (May 7th-8th, 2022), before the main meeting